Welcome to Centennial Flyers!

KAPACentennial Flyers, LLC is a professional aviation organization offering multiple categories and classes of aircraft for renting and leasing to pilots of all experience levels. We seek to enhance the learning and enjoyment of flying by providing a safe, affordable, flexible, and experienced (SAFE) environment for the aviation enthusiast. Many of the independent FAA Certified Flight Instructors are retired airline and military pilots who provide the aviation community with mentoring, support, experience, and professionalism. They have chosen to instruct at Centennial Flyers because of our well maintained aircraft and commitment to safety.

What makes Centennial Flyers unique is that we are simply an aircraft rental and leasing company – a place where you can just rent aircraft. If you want to be a pilot for just an hour, a day, or choose to discover flying as a hobby or career, Centennial Flyers provides the SAFE alternative to having to enroll in a school. If you are already a pilot, you can stay current, add a rating, or get your flight review. The independent instructors strive to promote safety and continued education throughout the aviation community.

Photo 2Safety is our first priority. Most of the independent instructors are volunteers for the FAASTeam and Wings Programs.

Affordability is more essential these days than ever. Centennial Flyers has the lowest aircraft rates in the area. All of our aircraft rates are wet (includes fuel).

Our flexible schedule and selection of aircraft inventory provides extensive options for your busy schedule and experience level. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Just sign in to the online schedule and select the aircraft available for the time you prefer.

An experienced, independent instructor will safely guide you through your flying adventure, whether it is for an hour, a day, or your career. All ratings, including ATP, are available.

Call us today at 720-840-9695 or email us at info@apaflyers.com to schedule your flight and experience the joys of flying!

Bottom photo courtesy of Joe Suchman